A Cosy Place to Grow


Regular Basis
Full Day
8am - 7pm
After School
4pm - 7pm
Small Day (Wed only)
8am - 4.30 pm
Irregular Basis
Full Day
8am - 7pm
Morning, Lunch Included
8am - 12am
Small Day
8am - 4.30pm
After School
4pm - 7pm
Same as above
or adapted to your needs

To know the fees, contact us on

Having your children in a 'micro-creche' gives you the right to have the PAJE allocation as if you had a homemaid for each of your child. CAF/MSA gives monthly the PAJE - 'complément de libre choix du mode de garde' - whenever you give the nursery invoice.

The CAF allocation goes between 842.84 € and 610.32 € per month (for each child - de 3).

Ask for the "Complément de libre choix de mode de garde auprès" at the Caf as soon as your child goes to the CANETONS.
You can have more information on the Caf website

You also have the tax reduction of 50% of the total amount of the paid sums (2300 € at the most).

Every year, on February, we deliver a cetificate for this purpose, as soon as all the invoices are paid.